Ten Years at FPC Bethlehem

In February of 2006 we could feel that our time of ministry at our local church in Kirkland, Washington was coming to an end. When we received the call to serve in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania we began to wonder how it made any sense. We did not have any family or friends in the Lehigh Valley or surrounding states. We felt a little like Abraham when he was asked to pick up and move everything. Nonetheless we knew that this was part of God’s plan for us and First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem. We said, “Here am I” to God’s call, packed up our belongings, our daughter and two dogs. We hopped in our truck and began our cross country journey into the unknown. Little did we know that God was moving us closer to our new family. You have welcomed us with open arms embracing my family as your own. You have seen my daughter grow into a young lady and the birth of my five year old son Ren. You journeyed with me through the recovery of a serious health issue. You have allowed me to be a part of your spiritual journey, and because of that I am ever grateful. I continue to pray for us as we learn how to worship the Father in spirit and in truth. Thank you for including the West Coast outsiders into your spiritual journey and to be a part of the legacy at this great church.