Dear Friends at FPC Bethlehem

It is quite an awesome thing to Live Large and follow Jesus into the world. Why? Because you never know where that journey will lead.

About two years ago, my wife, Kat and I entered a season of prayer—specifically seeking God’s direction for First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem and for our family. We were confident that God asked us to stay through FPCB’s season of denominational discernment and the transition of a new senior pastor. Then, as our church moved into a brand new season with a new denomination and staffing changes, we continued to pray for all of us, and I asked God once again if I am still called to serve at FPC Bethlehem. It has been through much prayer and fasting that we are confident that God is asking us to transition. Please accept my resignation as Director of Music Contemporary.

In every transition my wife and I have made in 22 years of marriage—we have never known what particular ministry role we were moving into. God has always asked us to be courageous and take that first step, and then He would reveal more of His plan. This time is no different.

It is our desire to move closer to family, so that our children will know their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. But the truth is, we do not yet know where this journey will lead us. We do not know exactly what the Lord has for us. While there is no tangible call to another specific ministry, He is calling us to something very real; He is calling us into obedience. Even this morning, as Kat and I sat in our kitchen and talked about our faith journey, we looked through the window and saw the newest ad on the billboard on the corner one block from our house—now visible through winter’s bare trees—and read the only two words printed large and prophetic on the white backdrop, “Got Faith?”

Yes, Lord, we do.

We enter this next season with bittersweet expectation of what God is doing. When we arrived in the Lehigh Valley nearly 11 years ago, you welcomed us and quickly made us family. These past years, we journeyed together. We’ve seen your children grow. We’ve seen graduations, new jobs, promotions, and the purchase of new homes. We’ve celebrated with you at your weddings, and we’ve mourned with you at the loss of loved ones. We’ve served together. We’ve prayed together. We’ve worshiped together. And you, you’ve been a part of discipling our daughter into a passionate and compassionate young lady, and you were there to witness the birth of our son. You brought us meals and cared for us. You carried the boxes when we moved into our new home several years ago. You journeyed with us through the recovery of a serious health issue. We love that you’ve been as much a part of our spiritual journey as we have been a part of yours. And because of that we are forever grateful.

We continue to pray for direction. But for now, we step out in obedience and follow Jesus into the world, trusting that He has us. We step out for the sake of faithfulness to God’s call on us, believing that if this is His plan for us in this season, it is also His plan for First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem. Live large, brothers and sisters. We cannot wait to hear what awesome things He will do through you in this next season.

In His Service,
Brently Groshong
Director of Music—Contemporary