adorable girls wear pink socks

We were getting ready to leave the house. I can't remember where we were going, but there was a time line we were attempting to meet. My rather indulgent steamy, hot shower ran long, and that put us just a touch behind schedule. Even so, I had everything under control until B asked, "What can I do to help?"

"Uhhhh," I stammered trying to remember what I had left undone. "The girl needs sock and shoes and a hat and gloves and a scarf. Her clothes are sitting on my desk. I think her coat is in her room."

"Alright," he replies. And the dance began. "Ash, c'mon let's get dressed."

After a few twirls and a couple groin kicks, a karate chop to the forearm and a song and a dance, she's dressed. "Now for some socks," he announced.

I had just put an entire unopened bag of new socks in her sock drawer. I couldn't wait for Christmas mostly because Ash had just explained to us that Santa no longer gives coal to the naughty, he gives socks and I thought it best to avoid a philiosphical panel discussion on the naughty v. nice and coal v. socks with that 4 year old. "Socks are in the top drawer," I yelled from the bedroom.

B opened her sock drawer and said, "Oh would you look at this: Brand New Socks!"

"Ohhhhhh, Oh, Oh, Ho," she exclaimed and actually giggled. Apparently new socks in a drawer is a good present.

I hear B opening the package and asked, 'What color would you like to wear? White? Blue? Pink?"

I yell again, "She's wearing a blue top!"

"Pink!" The girl said, as if her voice could actually dance."Dark Pink."

"White or blue," I said loudly and quite ignored.

"Dark pink it is," said B.

Then I heard them talking about how great the socks were. Soft and the right size and beautiful and dark pink and cushy and cute and new!

Not long after, Ash pranced up to me, stamped her socked and Mary Janed foot on the floor. "Look at me, Mommy! Look at my socks!"

I looked down at the dark pink staring at me through the opening on the top of he shoe. I whispered, 'But you're wearing a blue top and jeans."

"But Mommy, these are pink and fabweus. I am so adorable."

That she was, even though she was wearing a blue top.

Later the night, still enamored with her outfit, she asked if she could wear the entire ensemble to bed. Sure, why not.