no hat needed

My daughter, almost famous for her brave fashion choices, matched a black and red top with black polka dotted pants. She stood in the doorway to her bedroom, donned her Mickey Mouse Ears and twirled her Dirt Devil mini broom, without the accompanying dustpan, mind you.

“Look at me, Mom,” a phrase I hear about 100 times a day, for outfits, feats of strength, fanciful poses, daring escapes, drinking water, you get the picture.

“Very nice,” I said, a dutiful and pleasing answer.

“Does this broom match my top?”

The question surprised me, and I did a double take, “It does!”

“Then I don’t need the hat.”

I was not aware that a broom could be an accessory. If that's true, it does beg the question, what about a vacuum cleaner, a duster, a can of bathroom cleaner?

“Only if they match, Mommy!”