a plot to take over the world

To All Comrades in Arms:

Yesterday our home-front mainframe was overtaken by a diabolical and extremely invasive mutant-space virus. Our frontline firewall and two anti-virus protective shields failed in the face of, I’m sorry to say, a far superior technology. This malevolent alien hacked through our entire system assuming command and disabling environmental controls. All was not lost. Most personnel and data were already safely stored off-site, keeping casualties low. It was through the self-sacrifice of a few brave scribes, email we call them, that any residual data made it to the escape pods and saved.

When the dust settled in the aftermath of the initial onslaught, the intrepid Commander B was able to decipher the enemy’s despicable tactics and take back control of our system. That battle was fought quickly and swiftly. At every turn he was able to out maneuver and outwit the enemy. Once again, our lines have been secured and reinforced, and the alien was completely eradicated.