walk or run, hamster style

Ash and I like to walk to her preschool when we can. It's exactly one mile door to door.
This morning after a brief discussion on finding sneakers and getting them on to feet as quickly as possible:

Me: I don't know if we have time to walk to school this morning.
Ash: I really want to walk, Mommy.
Me: Okay, but we'll have to walk really fast.
Ash: We could run!
Me: (Five months pregnant) Let's stick to walking really fast.

Ash: (One third mile from home) We should have taken the car.
Me: You said we should walk.
Ash: I changed my mind as soon as we got outside.
Me: You didn't say anything.
Ash: But I was thinking it.

Ash: (Half mile from the house) We really should have taken the car, Mommy.
Me: (Pulling her along, only to increase my calorie burn) We're almost there.
Ash: Mommy, you're walking too fast. What do you think I am, a hamster? I am not a hamster.

We made it to her preschool in 21 minutes. Then I walked home. It took me 20 minutes.