gilligan v. bedtime

Brently definitely gets points as the fun parent tonight. It was at least an hour past bedtime, and after a quick bath to scrub off the backyard from Ren, I was trying to wrangle him into bed.
    “Ren, run downstairs, say good night to Daddy, and grab your blanket.”
    “I am not ready for bed,” he announced. “I want to watch Gilligan with Daddy.” And off he went stomping down the stairs. I figure
B would hug him and send him right back up stairs. Instead, Ren bounced up the stairs and asked for a Gilligan’s Island DVD.
    I called the stairs, “Hey B, what’s going on?”
    “The boy said he wanted to watch Gilligan’s Island, so I told him to grab a DVD.”
    Ren looked me with excitement dancing across his face. “Alright, which season do you want?” I sent him back downstairs
with the complete third season. Ash was already in bed, but I walked into Ash’s room and said, “The boys are watching Gilligan downstairs if you’re interested.” She sprang out of bed and ran. See, the fun parent.