waffles for breakfast

This morning we woke to 8” of fresh powdery snow and with no place to go. I stood at the door and watched B shovel the car out and then thought that it would be the perfect morning for vegan blueberry waffles. I had a recipe that beckoned, "Fix me", and so I did. The batter was beautiful and thick and tasty. I heated up my Belgian waffle maker, oiled the grill, and poured in the batter. It began to sizzle right away, and the aroma of baking blueberries filled the house. And although I like the addition of fruit to the batter, I began to wonder why I didn’t just make a hot blueberry topping for the waffles instead.
       When my timer went off, I smugly strolled to the iron and discovered that the waffles stuck and separated. I worked quickly to remove the perfectly crispy waffle remnant, plated it, and started over with a new waffle. I added even more oil to the iron to ensure the last effort was not repeated. But it stuck, again. By then, I had already decided the rest of the waffles would now be pancakes.  I turned off the waffle iron and turned on the pancake grill.
       As I was digging out the last waffle, Ren told B & Ash that breakfast was ready. By the time B walked into the kitchen, I had the waffle remnants piled in the middle of a large plate on the table.  Before I could even apologize for the obvious failure, B exclaimed, “Ooo, crispy waffle chunks! I am getting a bowl, adding butter and syrup. This is going to be yummy.”