win friends and influence people

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I was walking Ren to his classroom this morning when we past one of his classmates.
    “Hi Ren,” she said with a smile and a wave.
    “Hi Jillian,” Ren said, smiling back at her. Then Ren turns to me and said, ‘They all know my name here.”
    “And you know their names, too,” I said.
    “Yeah, but half of them don’t even know their own names.”
    “I don’t think that’s true,” I said, wondering what four-year old doesn’t even know his own name, especially if he or she is anything like Ren, whose name is yelled out about 100 times a day at home.
    “I don’t know, mom, I go to school with these kids.” He hung up his coat and walked into his class, and everyone yelled out, “Ren’s here!”

Ash and I were folding towels on a very cold Saturday morning this winter. Ren looked up at Ash over the iPad and said, “Hey girly girl, nice outfit.”