the coldest day

The Coldest Day.
Today was the coldest day. Literally the coldest day. Temperatures hovered around 0oF, and with the wind chill factor, the real feel temperature was as low as -20oF. Ash had a two-hour delayed start at school, at which time the real feel temperature was a balmy -9oF. She bundled up and braved the elements.
    When it was pick up time, B texted me when he left the office, “Picking you up in 20 minutes.” Roughly translated meant, “I’ll drop you off at the school to get Ash while I circle the block in my warm, toasty car and then pick you and the girl up. I’ll leave the heater on for you.”
    I dressed Ren for an arctic expedition, and I pulled on a pair of jeans over my thick fleece pajama bottoms, which had been keeping me warm and comfortable all day inside my house. I layered a long sleeve t-shirt with a moisture-wicking exercise hoodie and fleece vest under my warmest wool winter coat. I donned a hat with ear muffs along with gloves and scarf and felt a little stiff when moving. When we returned from the expedition and began to de-layer, B saw my pjs and commented, “Now it’s not so bad having a larger size pair of pants!”
kat groshong