don’t mess with him

Ash and I were sitting in the car at a gas station in Orlando, Florida, while B and Ren were filling the tank after a day at Universal Studios. A white mini van pulled up in front of us and a tall, tanned, muscular man got out. He put the gas nozzle in his gas tank and then leaned back against the automobile with a visible detached disdain for the pedestrian task he was performing.
     “He’s very cool,” Ash said watching him, “and strong.”
     He tugged on his white tank, and I noticed that his boxers were riding just above the waist of his jeans. “He is cool,” I said. “But, how cool can you really be when you drive a white KIA Mini Van?”
     Then Ash added, “Especially one with a glittery Hello Kitty sticker in his back window. It screams, ‘Don’t mess with him, you’ll be scarred for life.’”