twenty five dollars


Yesterday in the car, Ren starts bragging on himself, “I found momma’s money.”
    B looks at me with a quizzical look, “Really?”
    “You remember last week when I told you I couldn’t find the cash I put in my pocket?”
    “I found it!” Ren shouts out.
    “Good job, buddy.”
    Ren continues, “It was $25.”
    “Twenty five dollars? You didn’t tell me you lost $25!”
    “I didn’t want you to know how much I lost, so I just told you I lost some,” I said. “Remember two weeks ago when we went to get you new jeans? I put the store coupon and cash in my pocket in case we wanted a treat at the mall. The next day when I realized that I didn’t have any cash in my pocket, I went looking for it. I must have taken it out and set it somewhere. I couldn’t remember where.”
    “Twenty five dollars!” B exclaims.
    “I knew it would show up,” I stated casusally.
    “Aren’t you proud of me for finding it?”
    B added, “And the coupon, too.”

This morning we were going over what cash we have in hand. B says to me, “By my count, you have $25.” I reply, “Plus the twenty you gave me yesterday when you didn’t think I had any cash.”
— September 29, 2015