taco tuesday

I am not much of a food blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading food blogs and discovering new recipes. I simply lack sufficient time in my schedule to fully document and photograph my every meal. However, tonight’s meal was off-the-charts spectacular. It was simple, enough, and it took long enough to prepare. But, it was one of those meals that met mom’s approval of natural, organic, and all around healthy, and everyone walked away satisfied. The meal consisted of homemade vegan Black Bean Chili and rice along with seasoned tofu for those who prefer a vegan protein (Kat and Ren) and sautéed chipped beef for the carnivores (B and Ash). The meal was served with a homemade Pineapple and Mango Salsa and homemade whole wheat tortillas and organic blue corn tortilla chips. While it was not-quite-tacos, it did meet B’s requirements for our weekly Taco Tuesday. There were no complaints. The kids ate. It was a good day.


Picked up the girl from her first middle-school retreat, and decided to go out to for dinner. I asked, “What would like to eat?” She replied, “Meat. I didn’t have meat all weekend.” I replied, “You just told me that you had hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch yesterday, meatballs for dinner, and sausage pizza for lunch before you left camp. You also had beef jerky in your bag. Isn’t that meat?” -October 2, 2017