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#TeamRen. This guy was chosen by his art teacher to be a docent at his school’s art show tonight. He was a great guide, both informative and entertaining, and quite dashing in his tie!

The board game CLUE recommends the game for ages 8+. We threw caution to the wind and decided to teach the game to our kids, ages 12 and 6. The Girl—the eldest at 12 and well above the recommended minimum game age—did great and even won a game. Monkey Boy couldn’t quite grasp the concept of secretly deducing the murderer, the room, and the weapon as an individual. When he asked a question and was shown an answer, he would shout it out for all to hear. He reasoned that by leveling the playing field—by all being on the same team—the perpetrator would indeed be caught. Whether or not he was playing strictly by the rules, the murder mystery was solved in all three games we played…by someone other than him.