they are all superheroes

Ren was taking much too much time getting ready for school one morning last week. Instead of getting his clothes on, he was lying on the floor playing with his toys. I stepped into room, opened his drawers and pulled out clothes for him to wear.
    “You have dance today, so it’s dance pants and t-shirts. Here is a pair socks and here is a pair of underpants,” I said pulling out a pair of superhero jockeys. ‘Today you get to be The Flash!”
    “That’s not the Flash,” Ren stated.
    ‘This looks like his symbol,” I said holding them up for all the world to see.
    “It’s not.”
    “Then who is it?” I asked.
    Ash walked by and saw the underpants, “It’s Wonder Woman.”
kat groshong, june 2016

Upon seeing a picture of one of his classmates and her new baby brother, “There is only so much cuteness a man can stand.”
-Ren Groshong