a day at the park

On our staycation, we decided to take one night at a hotel and visit Knoebels Amusement Park in central Pennsylvania as part of Ren’s 6th Birthday Celebration. We tried to keep it really low key as to avoid all the “Are We There Yet” questions from the impatient-yet-super-talkative nearly six-year old. After leaving the hotel, we decided to stop at a local grocery store for a disposable cooler and some ice to keep our leftovers and beverages cold during our day of play. As B pulled into the grocery store parking lot, Ren said, “I thought we were going to a park today. This doesn’t look like much of a park to me.”
     “What do you mean, Ren?” B asked. “There’s a Gas ‘n Go, and over there is the bridge.”
     “Still doesn’t look like much of a park. Besides, we were here yesterday.”

This ride was awesome. Going up and the way down. It was high and fast. Yeah, I was scared, but I was brave. So brave, that I decided to try the roller coaster that went straight up and straight down. It was really scary.
-Ren Groshong