hey momma

“Hey, momma,“ Ren said, which is how he starts almost every exchange with me, “Hey momma…hey, momma…hey, momma…hey, momma,” and he will keep repeating himself until I say, “Yes, Ren.”

SO YESTERYDAY MORNING...“Hey, momma,” Ren starts as he stumbles out of bed and into the bathroom, “love is an arrow that cannot be dodged.”
    “That’s very insightful. Where did you hear that?”
    He shrugs. Then he says, “I love you.”
    “I love you, too, Ren.”

AND THEN THERE WAS THE TIME...Ren was sitting on the floor playing his guitar, when he said, “Hey, momma, listen to this...” and then he plucked out a simple tune. When he finished he asked, “Did you recognize the rhythm? It goes like this...” He proceeded to sing it exactly the way he played it. “You know what song that was, momma?” B used to do that all the time, with mostly obscure bass line references that I never recognized. Ren is definitely his father’s son.