a super conflict

We all saw it, but Ren saw it first. He stood on his chair in the restaurant and pointed, “Mommy look.” When I first saw it, I smiled, but then I realized that this could mean trouble. I looked across the table at Brently and nodded to the young couple a few tables away from us. That’s when he turned around and saw it, too.
    “Someone really should say something to them,” he announced.
The rest of us fixed our eyes directly on him. No words were necessary.
He looked back at us and grimaced. He put his fork down, wiped his mouth with his napkin and slowly stood. He walked the few feet to the casually dressed young couple, who appeared to be enjoying a quiet breakfast of eggs and bacon.
    “Sorry to interrupt,” he started, “but I was wondering if you two were planning on having
    The couple, very surprised at B’s question, put down their forks and looked squarely at B.
    “Excuse me?” The young man said.
    B continued, “It’s just that there are some things you need to resolve before you start a family. You both need to be on the same page. So to speak.”
    They stared hard at him, puzzled, wrinkles forming on their foreheads, question marks in their eyes.
    “We noticed your t-shirts. They are in direct opposition to each other: Batman,” he said
pointing to the wife, and then nodding to the husband, “the Avengers. You will need to decide whether or not you will be a DC house or a Marvel house, because a house divided cannot
stand. Take it from me, I have a few years’ experience raising children. You simply cannot
bring children into such conflict.”