the big ick

The Groshongs have been hit with a vile bug...Ren got it first followed by the rest of us. Of course he flew through it in 24 hrs, which makes him the healthiest of all of us, and officially in charge. These past couple days haven’t been much fun, but even in the midst of our quarantine, there have been some blessings. Ash crawled in bed with me, and we watched Mockingjay Part 1 and Insurgent while talking about God and prayer. She asked me if I ever feel as though God ignores our prayers, given the fact that we were praying for this illness to pass and we still have it. I told her, “No.” I have seen way too many answers and miracles for me ever to believe that prayers are unheard or unanswered. We just don’t always see the answer we want. Then we prayed together and asked God to show us a sign that he hears our prayers. I don’t know about Ash, but I know I have seen the hand of God move today. And having the opportunity to spend an entire day with my girl talking about books and movies and God is a great gift. I would have liked it better without the bug, but I’ll take it. And by the way, happy birthday Brently Groshong.


On being sick on my birthday: The best gift ever. It just kept
giving and giving and giving. Fortunately we all got a present
on my birthday.
Brently Groshong