really cool nicknames

In the car, Ren was going through his Halloween goodies bag from school when he found a pair of fake vampire teeth. He was busy eating snacks from the goodies bag so Ash said, “Here. Let me show you how they work.” She took the teeth and put them in her mouth. Then she took them out and handed them to Ren who promptly put them in his mouth.
    “Ewww, Ren,” said Ash. “That’s really gross.”
    Ren spit the teeth out of his mouth straight into Ash’s hand. “REEEENNN!”
    “What happened?” I asked without turning around.
    “Ren put the teeth in his mouth, and he was still eating crackers. Now there’s food in the teeth, and I had it in my hand,” she stated in typical pre-teenesque fashion. “Now I have to burn my hand. I’m gonna be ‘One Hand Ash.’”
    “At least you’ve got a really cool nickname.”

Just getting out of the shower, Ash says, “I find it interesting that when your skin is wet, it sticks to everything. It’s kind of sticky, but not sticky like candy or Ren’s hands…”
-Oct 26, 2016