again and again and again

Ash and Ren ride the twisting Monster Octopus attraction together because Ash is responsible enough to take Ren on the ride by herself and neither B nor I can stand all the spinning—oh yeah, it’s an age thing. They run in line, board right away and laugh and spin for the next fewminutes. As soon as they get off, they run across the walkway where B and I are relaxing on a bench in the shade.
     “We wanna go again.”
    “Go ahead,” says B with a wave of his hand. Then he stretches his legs out, and folds his hands behind his head. “This is the way to do the park.”
    Ash and Ren get right back on the ride and spin again. When the ride was over, they ran out the gate, looked at us, and with a nod of approval from their dad, clutched hands and ran back in line. At then end of the third ride, they ran back to us and asked, “Can we go one more time?”
    “Ren really wants to go again,” says Ash.
    We look at Ren. He snaps his hand to form three fingers and says, “Three times, cuz that’s how I roll.”