gasoline fairies

I rarely pump gasoline in my car, but somehow it always has gas. I used to believe in magical gasoline fairies, but I started to have my doubts a few years ago. "I put gas in your car. Did you notice it was on ‘E’? The gas light was on," B announced.

“Really? I didn’t notice,” I replied.

“It’s that bright red light with the gas pump on it. You should pay more attention.”

“Why? The magical gas fairies always show up and take care of it for me.”

“I’m the magical gas fairy,” B stated bluntly.

“Then, thank you kind fairy. You take good care of me,” I smiled and batted my eyes.

“One of these days you will run out of gas,” he retorted.

”Thank you for putting gas in my car,” I called to him as he walked away.

B has been in Michigan now for about a week. My best guess is he filled up my car with gas just before he left. I hadn't given it any thought until this morning, when just after I dropped Ren off at school the car rang out a ping and the red light with the gas pump came on. The needle was indeed on ‘E’.

I suppose it's true. There really aren't any magical gas fairies.

Don’t worry, Brently Groshong, I did not run out of gas.