miscellany of pop tarts

Monkey Boy called out from the family room, “Momma, I didn’t get my daily Pop Tart.”

“Daily Pop Tart?” I questioned. “Since when is that a thing?”

“Since you bought Pop Tarts at the store. So, can I have my daily Pop Tart?”

Okay, okay, I did buy Pop Tarts at the store the other day. It was unusual. It was most likely both a hero and villain move on my part. The Girl had agreed to go grocery shopping with me for veggies and fruit so that I could make this amazing summer salad to take to a friend’s house that evening for dinner.  When we were heading to the check stand, the Girl commented that she was hungry. I stopped in the aisle just in front of the check stand and spread my arms wide, “What do you want?”

a picnic basket, a cooler and the fourth of july

One year, my mother’s brother, Alfred and his wife, Julie spent the holiday with us. We packed a beautiful picnic as well as the large cooler, holding some 30lbs of ice and the special treat my mother made for the occasion. My father loaded the picnic basket, the cooler, and the old fashion, hand-crank ice cream maker into the car and off we went…

gloves and sock and gloves and sock

Sometime over the holidays, I misplaced my winter gloves and needed something to cover my hands when I went outside in near zero degree temperatures. I didn’t want to run back upstairs—again—to grab a pair of gloves from my top dresser drawer, so I dug through the kids’ bag of gloves in the mudroom. Not a single matching pair among them, so this is what I wore.

hakuna matata, means no worries

We have been packing. Packing a lot. In between packing, we are painting. And cleaning. And landscaping. So, the other day after yet another run to the storage unit for more boxes and bubble wrap, we all stopped a local diner for lunch. There at our table in the diner was a small jukebox. They kids were fascinated. “You used to pay money to play songs?” Ash laughed and pulled out her iPhone.

really cool nicknames

In the car, Ren was going through his Halloween goodies bag from school when he found a pair of fake vampire teeth. He was busy eating snacks from the goodies bag so Ash said, “Here. Let me show you how they work.” She took the teeth and put them in her mouth. Then she took them out and handed them to Ren who promptly put them in his mouth.